hi! my name's theo (he/him).

this is my website.

i care a lot about privacy, human rights, good design and craftsmanship. since creating and using software is both my main hobby and my planned career path, i'm particularly passionate about these values in the context of technology. i support libre software, open standards and the indie web.

i've been programming recreationally since elementary school, and i've always found a great deal of fulfillment in making useful things and sharing them with the world. one day, i'd like to get paid for that, so i'm studying for a bachelor of sciences degree in information and communication technology, expecting to graduate in 2027. you can see some of my work on github.

i don't use much social media. you can contact me on the fediverse at @thcrt@fops.cloud. you can also email me at hello@OBFUSCATEDtheocourt.com.